February 01, 2005

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Thoughts and Commentaries
What if Barack Obama Loses?
Fate and Destiny: Jesse Ventura's Secular Superstition
The Problem of Heroism
Radical Objectors to Radical Religion
How Can You Know if Your Religion is Right?
"Jesus was Wrong"
My Da Vinci Code Apathy and Our Ignorance of History
Why Die For a Lie?
Shedding Light on the "Dark Ages"
Emasculating Christianity
Dan Brown: Plagiarist or Student of History?
The Vatican's Nazi Neutrality: Commendable or Condemnable?
Caesar or Christ?
Season of Skepticism

Atheism, Skepticism, and Debate
Ghost in the Machine
Keep Your Mitts Off My Meaning
Moral Atheists - Good by what measure?
A Challenge to Atheists
Imagine No Religion
Deducing God From Nature
Invincible Skepticism
Reasonable Christianity
An Open Letter to Bill Maher
The Universist Movement: Lost in the Fog and Lovin' It
10 Questions for the Atheist
10 Replies to the Atheists

Adventures in Missing the Point
Santa Claus Morality
Presuppositional Kung Fu
Coin Toss Morality
Euthyphro's Dilemma and the Character of God
Plutonian Morality
Worldview Contradictions
The Laws of Logic: Don't Leave Home Without 'Em
Can I Lie or What?
PETA's Cognitive Dissonance
Who Made God?

Confused Christianity
Cafeteria Christianity
Role Your Own Jesus
Can Evolution and the Bible Live Together?
Reflections on the Authority of Scripture
Liberal Christianity: No Sale!
"No Creed But Christ"? Christ Who?
To Judge or Not to Judge
Jane Fonda's Gnostic Feminist Christianity
Easter Egg Christianity

Alternate Religions & Cults
Not So Much in Common After All
10 Questions for the Seeker
The Parable of the Blind Men and the Elephant: Does It Work?
What Mormon Archaeologists and Maytag Repairmen Have in Common
Regarding Devout People From Other Religions
Letter to a Disgruntled Wiccan
Answering the Cults: A Common Defense
Only Two Religions: Meditations on Religious Pluralism
10 Questions for the Mormon
10 Questions for the Buddhist

Jesus' Bones Found! Sleep in on Sunday
The Gospel of Judas - An Exercise in Proving Too Much
Presupposing Perfection: Bart Ehrman and N.T. Textual Transmission
On the Defense of Scripture
Regarding Gnosticism
Gospel Contradictions?
Thoughts on the Taking of the Promised Land

Is the Nicene Creed Biblical?
False Dichotomies of the Emerging Church
Bridge to Terrible Theology
Testing the Spirits
Soteriology on a New Orleans Flatboat
"Too Zealous"
Why Did God Make Weeds?
Why Does God Make Atheists?
Spotlight on the Narrow Path
The What and Why of Apologetics
The Compleat Apologist

False Parallel Between Interracial and Same-Sex Marriage
Born in the Wrong Body
Is Homosexuality a Dysfunction?
If Homosexuality is a Dysfunction, Why the Condemnation?
Why Not Condemn the "Heart Attack" Lifestyle?
How We Know That Sex is Sacred
Alcoholic Pride
Between Consenting Adults
Is Homosexuality Compatible With Christianity?
What Homosexuals Find Offensive
James Rachels: The Question of Homosexuality

Eugenics: It's Only Natural
Bad Arguments Against Abortion
Bad Arguments for Abortion
Life Begins at Conception
Debating Abortion - Going Deeper
A Reply to Peter Singer's "Sanctity of Life"
John Kerry's Modified Pro-life Position
Stem Cell Reality Check
Schiavoan Rhetoric
Terry Shiavo Redux
Personhood: The Measure of Life
Ron Reagan Jr. and the Embryonic Stem Cell Shuffle

Evolutionary Morality
MIT Biology Class - Reading Between the Lines - part 1, part 2, part3,
Appearance of Design: Intuition or Illusion?
Cosmological vs. Biological Evolution
Punc Eq: Hide and Seek in the Fossil Record
Evolution's Credibility Problem (part 1)
Evolution's Credibility Problem (part 2)
Evolution's Credibility Problem (part 3)
Deducing God From Nature
The Heavens Declare His Glory (part 1) - Space, Size, and Significance
The Heavens Declare His Glory (part 2) - Location, Location, Location
The Heavens Declare His Glory (part 3) - It's in the Stars
The Heavens Declare His Glory (part 4) - Habitat for Humanity
Christianity and Science
Abiogenesis Woes - Harvard to the Rescue
Abiogenesis: A Problem of Origins (part 1)
Abiogenesis: A Problem of Origins (part 2)
Abiogenesis: A Problem of Origins (part 3)
Abiogenesis Leftovers (quotes and images)
Misconceptions About Intelligent Design (part 1)
Misconceptions About Intelligent Design (part 2)
Misconceptions About Intelligent Design (part 3)
Theistic Evolution: Oxymoron?

Creative Musings
Bumper Stickers I'd Like to See
How the Snee Came to Be



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