June 17, 2005

Alcoholic Pride

In one debate over the issue of homosexuality I was able to steer the conclusion to an identification of homosexuality as an "abnormality," whether biological or psychological in origin, all moral judgments aside. I then pointed out that the problem with this condition is that it offers its "sufferer" positive reinforcements; the indulgence of sexual desire, whatever its source or legitimacy, is a powerful motivator. This is not the kind of thing offered with something like a congenital ailment or a phobia. I doubt I'll ever witness a gout pride march or an arachnophobia rights protest in my lifetime.

The thing that seemed most equivalent to homosexuality for me to point out was alcoholism. The alcoholic is typically in denial that he has a problem, gains subjective benefits from indulging his condition, risks health issues in its pursuit, and can always blame it all on genetics or a bad childhood if he is taken to task. The advantage of this analogy is that the dangers and shortcomings of alcoholism are readily admitted by all people, no matter how pleasurable and legal drinking itself may happen to be. Even the alcoholic himself will tend to agree that alcoholism is a bad thing, he usually just denies that he qualifies as one.

Well, it appears that the alcoholism comparison may have less force than I once thought. According to this group of drinkers there is nothing wrong with inebriation as a lifestyle choice. Their spokesman, Frank Rich of Modern Drunkard magazine, says that "it's all about drinking without apology or remorse," and claims that "alcohol makes us better human beings." His magazine extols the [short-term] benefits and pleasures of alcohol consumption, offers community for those of like mind, and attempts to win credibility for their cause by pointing out all the respected and productive alcoholics of history.

Sound hauntingly familiar? But why not use the tactics of the gay activists, they've worked well so far?



At 6/24/2005 7:15 AM, Anonymous Jeff Yeager said...

Far from the alcoholism comparison having less force, this seems to give it even more force. You don't have to contrive the analogy any more. You can simply point someone to the group's web site and magazine articles for the perfect argumentum ad absurdum. So far, the alcoholism movement is so small that you will seldom find anyone who sees it as anything other than ridiculous. So this should work in your favor actually.

At 3/06/2013 9:11 PM, Blogger LaurenBear said...

LMAO. I stumbled across this. It's so old but I couldn't help but point out how f***** stupid this is. So just like a glass of wine or two at a wedding is not a bad thing, or even a single glass of wine with dinner nightly has proven health benefits - butt sex is ok in moderation, right? So don't make a life of it, but if you enjoy it occasionally it's ok.

At 10/15/2013 12:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a horrible comparison. The only problem with the "homosexual condition" is the negative attention it garners from idiots who think it's any of their damn business. Being gay doesn't hurt anyone. Not the gays themselves, not their families, no one. You could hardly say the same about alcoholics. In fact, closet homosexuals have it the worst since they have to suffer the constant shame of their natural feelings, which often leads to depression and anger.

At 10/15/2013 12:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Alcoholism is proven to be a treatable addiction, homosexuality is proven to be a physiological trait.


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