June 21, 2005

9/11 Memorial Perversion

Here is an excerpt from a distressing email I just received:

The small band of radical 9/11 families that fascinate the media are now dominating the committee planning the memorial at Ground Zero. They plan to build a 300,000 sq. foot museum called the International Freedom Center that will not focus on 9/11, but recount the failures of the U.S. including exhibits on slavery, segregation, etc. It'll be the "blame America first" museum. What's worse is that they are funding this with our tax dollars.

Some of the other families - many, many more than those behind this museum - are trying to take back the memorial. There's a
website with news about it and there's a petition to gather signatures that they can use to persuade our representatives to do something about this. So far, none want to get involved. And they need to raise their profile - no major media outlets have taken notice yet. I heard about it on Laura Ingram's show and apparently they had their first appearance on Fox News this morning.

For a good overview of this issue, see this article:
Here is a direct link to the petition page, which I urge you to consider:


At 7/12/2005 3:26 PM, Blogger roger said...

NY Times Blasts Take Back Memorial Initative


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