April 29, 2005

Faith Under Fire

Greg Koukl of Stand To Reason will be debating Deepak Chopra (New Age guru) on this week's Faith Under Fire TV show on the PAX network. As I understand it, the topic covered will be religious pluralism. Greg is a Christian apologist who has much expertise in this area, so this should prove to be an interesting show.

Things I expect to see in the course of the dialog:

  • Deepak being vague and mystical in outlining his beliefs
  • Deepak maneuvering to the position of grace and tolerance and painting Greg as narrow-minded and judgmental
  • Deepak using stories and metaphors in place of actual arguments, rather than as illustrations of points for which he has argued
  • Deepak unconsciously making judgments and exclusive truth claims as well as excluding Greg's beliefs from his inclusivistic world
  • Greg pointing out contradictions and calling Deepak to task on some of his claims
  • Deepak failing to directly address Greg's points and making ad hominem attacks against him or Christians in general
  • Deepak eschewing, either openly or implicitly, principles of logic and rational discourse
  • Greg making important points that unfortunately fly over Deepak's head, and the heads of many of the viewers

I encourage you to tune in this Saturday evening. Might even be worth recording to share with friends (believers or otherwise). (And if I forget about this come Saturday night I'll be begging someone for a copy.)


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