February 10, 2005

RZIM Event

Went to this event last night, sponsored by the Ravi Zacharias International Ministry. The speakers were Dale Fincher and Stuart McAllister. Well worth the time even though Ravi was not personally involved. Dale is an impressive speaker (though I thought Stuart carried himself better in the Q&A time), and given his age he is well attuned with the problems faced by our postmodern youth. Dale mentions being stymied in his youth as a seeker after intellectual justification for Christian belief. He uses the humorous, and apt, term for his condition: Intellectual Suffering. He was also quite keen in his talk to identify the proper understanding of the word "faith" as being something more on the order of trust in what it reasonable and reliable to believe. In fact, he mentions Greg Koukl's admonition to the church to start using the word "trust" in place of the word "faith" until such time as the word can be rescued from the abuse and misunderstandings that are presently obscuring its historical meaning. Dale is also a contributor to the RZIM Slice of Infinity newsletter, which may be of interest to some.


At 4/09/2005 1:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this. I am a highschool senior and I experience the same Intellectual suffering that you speak of. I have just recently begun reading Pensees, and I am looking for some real direction in my life. The Pascal quote on your Weblog touches me to the core, but I need direction in what to do with this passion. I also am looking to become an engineer and do amateur apologetics, however, I need some advice. I am thirsty and I need to be quenched. Thank you.


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